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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Richmond now has a great choice when it’s time to rent a dumpster for that next project. Bin There Dump That are the Residential Dumpster Rental experts in the area. We offer a range of dumpster sizes for renovations, spring cleaning sessions, dump runs and anything else you can think of. If you have waste you want out of your home we have a solution.

Convenient, Easy-to-use Walk-in Double Doors on All Dumpsters

In the dumpster rental business, there are a lot of choices. We know that and we’ll never take your business for granted. Our team will work hard to provide the same great service every time you need us. We’ve also gone that extra mile to make our equipment easy to use and user friendly as well.

On every Bin There Dump That dumpster you’ll find a set of walk-in double doors that are a game-changer when it comes to waste disposal. Instead of hauling trash over the sidewalls and risking injury, you can walk everything right inside. You get the added bonus of being able to place everything just where you want it.

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You Can Have Your Dumpster Rental Delivered in 24 Hours or Less

If waiting isn’t your thing we have just the thing for you. We specialize in fast and reliable delivery of dumpster rentals in the Richmond area. Our focus is on providing you with the container you need when you need it — not when it fits neatly into our schedule. At Bin There Dump That we’re always up for a challenge.

When you request a delivery of any kind and have to wait because it’s out of stock you’re bound to be disappointed. We want to avoid adding to your stress, so we always keep a well-stocked inventory on hand so that we can have a bin in your driveway within 24 hours of you ordering your rental.

No Hidden Fees, All-inclusive Pricing

At some point, almost all of us has been misled by the dreaded fine print. When you order your dumpster rental from Bin There Dump That you can be sure that won’t be an issue. We always provide our customers with a transparent price quote that’s easy to follow and easy to understand.

Here’s what you get for the exact quote we provide you when you call to make arrangements:

• A 7-day dumpster rental period 

• Delivery and removal is included 

• Our Driveway Protection System 

• Post project sweep up 

• Disposal at the landfill

For a Bathroom Remodel, What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

We recommend different size dumpsters depending on the scope of your bathroom remodel — after all some bathrooms are bigger than others. In general, it’s either our 4-yard, 6-yard or 10-yard.

Is it Okay to Throw Furniture in a Dumpster Rental?

The dumpster rental is one of the best ways to get rid of old furniture if you can’t give it to a family member or donate it to charity. Best of all, with our walk-in double doors, you can just walk it right inside.

Are Dumpsters Equipped with Doors?

Yes, our dumpsters are all equipped with walk-in double doors that make it easy to get rid of all that old junk in your garage.

Why Our Customers Love Us

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Local Guide to Richmond

Richmond has a proud tradition of being an important center in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. So when you’re ready for some downtime there’s always something happening to keep you and the family entertained. For some ideas, we’ve cobbled together a couple of short reviews of some of our favorite local places you might want to add to your to-do list.

Comedy Off-Broadway

They say laughter is good for the soul and you won’t disagree after a night at Comedy Off-Broadway. It’s a small intimate venue and it’s always packed full of people. That isn’t surprising considering the talented comedians and great laughs waiting for you inside.

Champs Entertainment Complex

Who says you can’t keep the kids and grownups happy at the same time? Champs Entertainment Complex has a bit of something for everyone. It’s 50,000 square feet of fun with skating, laser tag, mini-golf and so much more!

Fort Boonesborough State Park

If you’re looking for a way to combine your love of history and the great outdoors, a camping excursion at Fort Boonesborough State Park is the place to go. They have tons of modern amenities such as swimming spots, mini golf and picnic areas along with interactive historical landmarks where you can experience a bit of pioneer life.

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